Lost item(s) : Small pink beauty case with white dots at the Airport of Dubrovnik or Zagreb (Croatia)

Lost item

Description of lost item(s) : I have lost a small (about 10cm X 15cm) beauty case with white medium sized dots on both sides. Inside, a smaller white case with jewerly of extremely high personal value – including the marriage ring of my grandmother.

Color : Pink with white dots

Location of loss : I lost it during my trip from Dubrovnik to Trieste. I could have lost it at the Dubrovnik airport or Zagreb airport, as well as in the Koper parking right outside the highway. The three stops made during my trip were 1) Dubrovnik airport, 2) Zagreb airport, or 3) Koper parking – where I switched car to get to Trieste, my final destination. Apart from these, I always had all the bags (and inside, as I thought, the beauty case) with me.
City : Dubrovnik and Zagreb

Date of loss : 09/22/2023

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