Lost and Found Viña del Mar city

Lost and found Vina del Mar city
lost items If you have lost one or several item(s), you will find information on how to contact a lost and found property service on this page.

Contact informations following the loss of an item

info lost and found Name : Viña del Mar Municipalidad - Lost and Found Office
adress lost and found Adress : Arlegui 615, 1 piso
Viña del Mar
Valparaíso, Chili

phone number lost and found Phone number : +56 800 377 700 / + 56 322 185 000
opening hours lost property Opening hours : Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
website adress lost and found Website : https://www.vinadelmarchile.cl/seccion/154/formularios-de-contacto.html

List of the main items found

  • Lost Personal Items : Keys, ID, Passport, Wallet, Documents, Badge, Licence (...)
  • Lost Electronics : Phone, Tablet, Device charger, Camera, Laptop, Headphones (...)
  • Lost Accessories : Purse, Bag, Backpack, Sunglasse, Eyeglasse, Jewellery (...)
  • Lost Clothing : Gloves, Cap, Hat, Scarf, Sweater, Coat, Vest (...)